Zingo! – A Bingo Game for All Ages!

Zingo game for kids

What does it say about a game when people who work at the toy store keep buying it to give as a gift? It must be a winner!

Zingo! is one of our most popular games. Even though it is intended for kids 4 to 8, adults have been known to say they’re going to play just one game…only to keep playing! One staffer gave the game to a family adopting two children and the parents-to-be reported in their thank-you note that “ My hubby and I have already spent over an hour playing Zingo!

A Bingo-style game, Zingo’s game cards are complete with nine squares with pictures (for those too young to read) and their matching words (for those learning to or already reading). Plastic tiles are released by a fun plastic dispenser and players race to match the tiles to pictures and words on their game card. The first to fill his or her card wins!

One of the best features of Zingo! is the two different boards which put younger players on an even level with more skilled older players. The younger kids have just as much chance of winning, which is good for their morale.

Zingo! is fast-paced and a fun way for children to use their observation skills; it assists with shape and pattern recognition, as well as nurturing short-term memory and more…but best of all, it does that and more while being a blast to play!

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