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Toy Expert Training / Let’s Play Games!

The Learning Tree recently had a staff meeting in preparation for our busy holiday season that will go into full-swing tomorrow. The best part? We got to play games!

We make sure everyone on our staff is familiar with all of our products so they can retain their Learning Tree Toy Expert status and help our customers find the best kids toys and gifts for their children, families, friends, and themselves!
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Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred Teaches Recycling

Even kids can go green! All it takes is some play time with Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred!

Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred! is one of the WOW Toys we carry – a unique line of toys that require no batteries yet still have delightful moving and animated parts. Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred! is friction-powered and is the perfect toy for all of those kiddos who run to the window each time they hear the trash truck rumble down the street!

Flip n Tip Fred

Not only can they make the truck do a mini-version of rumbling down the street (aka your floor!), kids can use the bucket to tip trash into the truck or sort the bins and flip them into the rear. Other animation includes an automatic trash crusher that spins, as well as a sliding door that opens to empty the truck.

Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred comes complete with three different recycle bins, a boy and girl recycling team and a sturdy carrying handle – this is a great role-play toy that your child will want to play with over and over again.  For ages 18+ months.

The Amazing Bilibo

When we say that Bilibo is an open-ended play kind of toy, boy, do we mean open-ended!

If Bilibo has taught us anything, it’s that children’s imaginations truly are amazing things and that, given the chance, their minds can come up with some pretty inventive things to do with Bilibo. Things, that quite frankly,  our adult minds never even came close to dreaming up!

Bilibo Rocks!

Bilibo is a plastic scoop-shaped "shell" with rounded edges that is anything a child wants it to be. It can be a cradle for a doll, a spinning hat, a turtle shell, a stepping stone. The list, literally, is endless!

There is no "one way" to use Bilibo , and that’s its magic. What the children dream to do with it is dependent only on their age and interests. And, speaking of age, there’s no one age for Bilibo – as they grow, children will discover new uses for Bilibo .

Click here for a link to our product page and a fun video showing how kids play with Bilibo.

A Stack of Bilibos Available in a selection of bright colors, Bilibo is one of our favorites; a toy full of possibilities powered solely by a child’s imagination, invention and creativity. How wonderfully simple, yet amazingly multi-faceted!

Created by a Swiss designer and a team of child development experts, Bilibo is recommended for kids from 2 to 7 but we’ve found that older and slightly younger kids can have fun with it also. It comes from Kid O.

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Home School Fun with The Pretend and Play School Set

Pretend & Play School Set When we were kids we loved playing school at home. We’d set up kitchen chairs in rows and find some tablets and pencils and take turns being the teacher. It was fun to imagine being an instructor and helping the other kids with their lessons. Today’s kids can take their imaginations a step further with the Pretend and Play School Set . It helps kids quickly create a classroom anywhere.

The set includes a big tri-fold board that is easy to set up and it makes any space feel like a real school room. The board has a dry erase section in the middle, and maps and calendars on each side. The set even comes with a grade book, some stickers, hall passes (in case somebody needs to go to the kitchen to get snacks!), crayons, a clock and the important hand bell to signal when class is about to start. [Read more…]

The ELF on the SHELF – make it your new Christmas tradition

If The ELF on the SHELF isn’t one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen, we don’t know adorable!
The Elf on the Shelf
The ELF on the SHELF could also be called a ready-made tradition just waiting for a family! Now is the perfect time to make this wonderful addition to your household as said elf on the shelf usually likes to make his first appearance just after Thanksgiving.

Our boxed set combines a sweet, impish elf (who is waiting for you to name him!) with a book that tells his story – how during the day he watches over the youngsters and at night travels to visit Santa himself at the North Pole and fill the jolly guy in on the children’s activities. (Just how do you think Santa keeps track of those names on that naughty/nice list?)

Each morning, the elf returns home and with a little assistance from an adult (the kids don’t have to know that part!) hides in a new location, just waiting to be found. Can’t you just imagine your little ones running through the house to find their special elf’s new hiding place each morning?
The Elf on the Shelf
The ELF on the SHELF started as one’s family’s personal tradition; over the years, new rules were introduced that are now part of the beautifully illustrated story book. While children can talk to the elf as much as they want, they’re not allowed to touch him – you don’t want to interfere with the magic, after all. And the first elf’s first adult found that just his presence helped excited children to better control themselves. After all, the elf is always watching!

Don’t let another Christmas holiday go by without your own personal elf; give one a new home and introduce this creative tradition in your house. You’re guaranteed to build precious memories year after year.

Price: $29.95

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Turn Your Child’s Bedroom Into a Star-filled Galaxy!

Twilight TurtleBedrooms turn into miniature star-filled galaxies with Cloud b’s Twilight Lady Bug, Twilight Sea Turtle, and Twilight Turtle, making them perfect bedtime buddies for kids. They are a unique combination we love – bedtime companion, nightlight and planetarium.
Twilight Ladybug

These unique creatures fill rooms with stars from 8 major constellations. You or your little one can choose from three colors – green, blue or amber – and various intensities, making each night a new adventure into a different twinkling dreamland.

Twilight Sea Turtle

While we love the soothing, sleep-promoting aspects of the Lady Bug and Sea Turtle , the Star Guides and informational booklets that help teach about the constellations and the big, wide world in the sky also are on the list of reasons why these guys are on our favorites list. [Read more…]

The Teaching Cash Register helps kids learn about money the fun way!

How many quarters does it take to make a dollar? Is a dime bigger or smaller than a penny? Just how do credit cards work?

The Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register takes playing store to the next level by helping children learn about money through play. This talking, interactive toy is one of our favorites here at The Learning Tree . From its real-size coins and bills to the working scanner, the register helps turn sometimes difficult concepts about money into tangible lessons.

Learning about money with The Teaching Cash Register

Play store, count the change, use the 4 interactive math games that come with the toy or weigh grocery items and learn about the value of items with this toy that we think is worth a million bucks, but doesn’t cost that much!

It sells for $49.99.

For Ages 3 to 9.

The Teaching Cash Register at The Learning Tree.