Turn Your Child’s Bedroom Into a Star-filled Galaxy!

Twilight TurtleBedrooms turn into miniature star-filled galaxies with Cloud b’s Twilight Lady Bug, Twilight Sea Turtle, and Twilight Turtle, making them perfect bedtime buddies for kids. They are a unique combination we love – bedtime companion, nightlight and planetarium.
Twilight Ladybug

These unique creatures fill rooms with stars from 8 major constellations. You or your little one can choose from three colors – green, blue or amber – and various intensities, making each night a new adventure into a different twinkling dreamland.

Twilight Sea Turtle

While we love the soothing, sleep-promoting aspects of the Lady Bug and Sea Turtle , the Star Guides and informational booklets that help teach about the constellations and the big, wide world in the sky also are on the list of reasons why these guys are on our favorites list.

Just think about snuggling in under all those stars and learning, all at the same time. It puts a twinkle in our eyes just imagining it!

Every Twilight Turtle, Twilight Sea Turtle and Ladybug comes complete with 3 AAA batteries, energy saving time-out function, push button reactivation, Star Guide and easy 3 color selection.

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