The Amazing Bilibo

When we say that Bilibo is an open-ended play kind of toy, boy, do we mean open-ended!

If Bilibo has taught us anything, it’s that children’s imaginations truly are amazing things and that, given the chance, their minds can come up with some pretty inventive things to do with Bilibo. Things, that quite frankly,  our adult minds never even came close to dreaming up!

Bilibo Rocks!

Bilibo is a plastic scoop-shaped "shell" with rounded edges that is anything a child wants it to be. It can be a cradle for a doll, a spinning hat, a turtle shell, a stepping stone. The list, literally, is endless!

There is no "one way" to use Bilibo , and that’s its magic. What the children dream to do with it is dependent only on their age and interests. And, speaking of age, there’s no one age for Bilibo – as they grow, children will discover new uses for Bilibo .

Click here for a link to our product page and a fun video showing how kids play with Bilibo.

A Stack of Bilibos Available in a selection of bright colors, Bilibo is one of our favorites; a toy full of possibilities powered solely by a child’s imagination, invention and creativity. How wonderfully simple, yet amazingly multi-faceted!

Created by a Swiss designer and a team of child development experts, Bilibo is recommended for kids from 2 to 7 but we’ve found that older and slightly younger kids can have fun with it also. It comes from Kid O.

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