Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred Teaches Recycling

Even kids can go green! All it takes is some play time with Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred!

Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred! is one of the WOW Toys we carry – a unique line of toys that require no batteries yet still have delightful moving and animated parts. Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred! is friction-powered and is the perfect toy for all of those kiddos who run to the window each time they hear the trash truck rumble down the street!

Flip n Tip Fred

Not only can they make the truck do a mini-version of rumbling down the street (aka your floor!), kids can use the bucket to tip trash into the truck or sort the bins and flip them into the rear. Other animation includes an automatic trash crusher that spins, as well as a sliding door that opens to empty the truck.

Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred comes complete with three different recycle bins, a boy and girl recycling team and a sturdy carrying handle – this is a great role-play toy that your child will want to play with over and over again.  For ages 18+ months.

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