A Hop, Jump & A Blast Pad!

  • Ah, the power of launching a missile, just with a jump!

One good hop onto the Blast Pad® sends one of the three Metalix™ missiles high into the sky – the jump forces air through the launch tube to vault the missile into space! We think there are lots of good things here:

  • The flex launch tube extends almost 3 feet, points safely away from children and only launches in the vertical position.

    Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launching System

    • To make the missiles launch, it takes a jump – that’s action , people! Kiddos playing with this toy have to get their hops on and be active, making the Blast Pad a great toy – it’s fun and promotes physical activity.
    • The action continues, as the jumpers or their friends have to run, walk, skip or hop (or any other way to get from point A to point B) to reclaim the missile after it returns to earth.
    • Blast Pad Missile Specifications

    • All of the parts store neatly into the base.
    • The Blast Pad includes 3 missiles and comes in three different colors: Comet Tail Red, Electric Extra Terrestrial Green and Exploding Sun Yellow.

The Blast Pad Advanced Launch Missile System is recommended for ages 8 to 11 but big kids like us have a great time with it too!

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Price: $24.99

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