Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners

Kids love playing with adorable Calico Critters – and we know of which we speak!

Each of our Kansas City metro-area Learning Tree toy stores has a Calico Critters play table and they are never short for action. We’ll walk past them once and the Cottontail Rabbit family will be sitting in chairs “listening” to Mom Rabbit read a story. Later we’ll see that an inventive child has tucked the Buttercup Cat Twins into beds and they are dreaming away.

Calico Critters is an ever-expanding set of miniature animals that are designed with an incredible attention to detail. They live in homes like the Deluxe Village House, Cozy Cottage, and the impressive Cloverleaf Manor that can be decorated with furniture and accessories.

From the family room with an aquarium to a baby’s pink bedroom set to a kitchen set with 9 pieces of furniture and more than 40 cooking utensils, there is a full line of furniture sets to keep all of the Calico Critter animals living comfortably.

Calico Critters encourage creative, imaginative play. We love that the animals are tiny and easy for kids to pick up, play with and move around, which encourages them to continue their inventive play. We carry a full line of Calico Critters It’s a great line of toys to ask grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to add to as holiday or birthday gifts throughout the year.

Calico Critters, from International Playthings, is ideal for children ages three and up.

Click here to see all the Calico Critters we’ve rounded up for you at The Learning Tree.


  1. Calico Critters says:

    Great site, thank you.
    Can’t believe you have a Calico Critters playtable for use in the store. Kids must adore that!
    If I lived anywhere near Kansas I’d be there in a heartbeat (with my daughter of course!).
    Great work.

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