Toddler Toys Get Kids Truckin’!

Designing your very own a custom-built vehicle when you’re only three? How cool is that!?

And then building it yourself…from magnets?! Even cooler!
Working Trucks Magnetic Combination Vehicles
Working Trucks from the makers of Magna-Tiles give your little builder the chance to build a vehicle just like they do at the factory! Our Toy Experts think this set is pretty fun in that kids can build their very own imaginative creation or fun vehicles like bulldozers, police cars and fire trucks.

The 27-piece modular magnetic system comes with 4 wheeled base units and plenty of other pieces for little vehicle builders to create their own fleet. All of the pieces are held together with magnets, adding another element of fun, as well as the promotion of fine motor skills (no pun intended!).

Working Trucks Magnetic Combination Vehicles are perfect for children from ages 3 to 6.

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