Doctor, Doctor!

Give me the news!

Your little doctors will be giving the medical news to their patients (friends, parents, dolls, stuffed animals, little brothers and sisters and more!) when they receive this wonderful doctor set.

The award-winning Learning Resources Pretend & Play┬« Doctor Set promotes imaginative play with its 19 medical-themed pieces. Your little doctor can monitor heartbeats with a stethoscope that is complete with realistic sounds, use the thermometer to “take” temperatures, apply bandages, use forceps and more as they learn about each piece.

They can receive emergency notifications with the realistic-sounding pager or can call in a prescription or make a call to the surgical suite with the set’s cell phone (which requires batteries that we sell at The Learning Tree also).

Not only is this doctor set a great kit to promote education and imaginative play, it can also help children frightened by doctor’s visits ease their anxieties – after all, once they are the doctor and use all of the tools of the trade, everything seems much less scary!

All of the durable, plastic pieces store in a sturdy, portable case. The set is perfect for children ages 3-6.

Click here for more details or to purchase the Pretend and Play Doctor Set.

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