Wood you like to build? Keva Planks lets kids do just that!

With Keva 200 Planks , the YES answers simply stack up – much like the beautiful maple planks that comprise the set!

The idea behind Keva Planks is simple – but what results from children’s imaginations when they build with them¬†is anything but! Each and every plank in the set is the same size – roughly¬†1/4 inch thick, 3/4 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches long. By stacking the planks, structures take shape – either from imaginations or from a guide book that comes with the set.

And while Keva planks are a spectacular building tool for children as young as 5, they are also wonderful for older children and adults. Each person builds to his own skill level and what they build can be simple or complex, detailed or abstract. Building with the planks can help with mathematical skills, as well as verbal if the users are building in a group setting.

Keva Planks are made of renewable maple wood and the set contains no glue, no connectors, no different-sized shapes or sophisticated pieces and parts. Experience the unique simplicity of Keva planks; they are certainly one of our favorite building sets here at The Learning Tree!

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