Tile it on!

What’s in a name? In the case of Magna-Tiles , the answer is, “A perfect description!”

Magna-Tiles are a series of flat shapes with magnetic sides or edges. The tiles can be used to build 3-dimensional structures or can used on a flat surface in an endless combination of designs. Talk about gratification; take a series of small, flat objects and turn them into an amazing creation!

We love Magna-Tiles because while they’re building, kids are also learning math concepts including geometry and calculus.

We sell the Magna-Tiles 32-piece Clear Colors set , and the Magna-Tiles DX 48-piece set , which also includes wheels, a door, curved and holed pieces.

From learning basic shapes to the creation of advanced multi-dimensional structures, Magna-Tiles are a wonderful toy to help develop patterning, shape recognition, building and motor skills.

Magna-Tiles , offering hours of open-ended fun and exploration, are ideal for children three and older, and are made by Valtech.

Click here for more info or how to buy from The Learning Tree .

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