Make Space For Blokus!

This post almost started out with the statement that buying Blokus is a no-brainer…but nothing could be further from the truth! Buying Blokus is a total brainer!

Blokus is an incredible spatial thinking game that encourages creative thinking and has won a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity. While it sounds simple – players work to place all of their individual colored pieces onto the board – it quickly turns challenging as players try to block their opponents.

Why is it so challenging? Because when playing a piece you can’t put YOUR piece adjacent to one you’ve already played but DO have to touch at least one corner of a piece you’ve already played. You really have to form images in your mind before making a move. This prompts that spatial thinking to kick in.

The first player to run out of pieces is the winner, but beware! Sometimes Blokus can come to an end with no more possible moves! Ideal for multiple players, it can also be played as a solitary game. The game board has raised edges to keep tiles in place; the game comes with 84 pieces in four colors, an instruction guide and the gameboard.

This Classic version of Blokus has won more awards than any other game so far this century. It’s a proven winner for families of all ages and will provide lots of learning and fun for years to come.

Post a comment and let us know how much you like Blokus – and if you get as addicted as others tell us they have by playing this fun and challenging game!

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