You’re Bugging Me!

You’re Bugging Me….and it’s fun!

Kids will be as attracted to You’re Bugging Me! as bees are to honey, flies to picnics and ants to melted popsicles! We included You’re Bugging Me in our last Game Night at our Corinth store and the kids had a great time playing it. Check out the whole story here.

Bugs turn educational in this fun board game for kids ages 5 to 8. Their goal as they play is to send as many crawly and creepy critters back to the garden or to fellow players as possible — and while they’re doing that they’re learning things like color recognition, the difference between their left and right hands and more!

You’re Bugging Me! includes bug-shaped playing pieces (butterflies, spiders, ladybugs, etc.) and dice, which are put in play to send the bugs from one player to another. Players actually get to wear the bugs on their arms — bugs are perched on each player thanks to included colored sleeves. Will your dice roll send a bug from you to the garden in the center or to a player on your left or right?

Don’t look now, but that praying mantis is helping teach cooperation and that spider is helping encourage following directions! But there are no words anywhere on the board so no reading is required to play!

Add You’re Bugging Me to your child’s game chest or click here for more information.

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