Splash Art

Splish, splash, art’s a blast!

The element of water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface…and now it’s the perfect artistic element, too!

Splash Art is a two-sided tablet that transforms into a masterpiece when used by little artists. What makes it splashy? The artist’s paintbrush is actually a pen or stylus filled with water – the pen “paints” on the board.

But that fun is just a drop in the bucket! There’s more to love about this toy. There’s no mess with this great tablet, which kids can use again and again and again. Once they’re ready to move on to a new masterpiece, their previous drawings erase easily.

The tablet is complete with an easy-carry handle and a string that keeps the water-filled pen attached, so the little artists who use it can always create, no matter where they are! Splash Art makes a great travel toy and is perfect for kids 1 to 5.

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