Turbo Touch Cars Go Vrrrooomm!!!

On your marks, get set…and GO with the immensely fun Turbo Touch cars!

These mini race cars come in 4 models,  SuperBig, Wild Red, Climber Yellow and Tropheo Orange. They all sport a press-and-go feature to put them into action – presses on the back of the vehicle charge it up and the more presses, the more charges! After the cars have been revved up, sit back and watch the action as they accelerate to win the race!

Little hands will have no trouble getting these cars going…and little eyes will delight in watching them go; little ears will enjoy the roar of the race and the toot of the horn after the vehicles sharply brake to a stop.

Turbo Touch cars are fun to play with and have been designed with attention to detail…you’ll want to collect all of the colors to build your own racing fleet!

For more info or to purchase, click here.

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