Square Up! Or Be Square!

Square is the name of the game – literally – in this best-selling challenge.

But you’ll be anything but square if you solve your puzzle first!

Play Square Up! by yourself or race an opponent – either way your goal is the same: recreate a specific pattern of colored tiles by sliding the tiles around the game board. First shake a cube that determines the pattern you need to recreate, then start sliding your tiles as quickly as possible! The first player to recreate the pattern wins!

We love Square Up! for the plain fun of it, but also for the fact that it helps develop sequencing skills – Do you move the green tile first? The yellow? Which way should you move this row to get this tile over there? – and also for the visual perception skills it encourages.

Square Up! is a fun, fast game for kids 6 and up (warning: adults love it too!) that engages your brain while your brain engages your fingers to move! Each game board is about 8 inches square and each has four tiles of six different colors, with one empty space so you can slide the tiles.

Square Up! is a Parent’s Choice Gold award winner , so it’s a proven classic game that you can’t go wrong giving to your own child, or a gift from grandma and grandpa. It’s also a great birthday gift between school friends and siblings.

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