StoryTime with Miss DeDe


Kids big and small came to hear Miss DeDe read Are You A Horse? by Andy Rash yesterday at our Park Place store.

Miss DeDe also talked about horse behavior, the foods horses like to eat, how to feed a horse from your hand – keep your palm flat so you don’t get bitten! – and how to mount your steed. That instruction came in handy because Miss DeDe had a surprise for the children too. They all got to sit on a real saddle!

Storytime kids

Kids as little as 8 months all the way up to 7 years old got to experience their own cowboy and cowgirl time in the saddle after the book reading was finished.

Storytime kids on saddle

Miss DeDe also asked them about what they’d name their own horse if they had one. Those horses would have lots of creative names! Flora, George, Sheba, even Cinderella were some of the names the kids came up with for their own ponies.

Saddle time at Park Place store

Thanks to all the moms who brought their kids to Storytime. The kids really had fun and got to take home some horse stickers too!

Miss DeDe gets a hug

We have Storytime each week at our Park Place and Corinth stores. Check our Events Calendar for times and books. Click the Store Locations link to find us or call 913-385-1234 (Corinth store) or 913-498-1234 (Park Place store) for more information.

All ages are welcome!

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