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Sneek Peek of Suessical at Corinth Store

Suessical castOur Corinth store customers were treated to a preview of Suessical The Musical by the students of Cure’ Of Ars School last Saturday.
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Kids Love Wedgits Blocks

We’re not the only ones who rave about Wedgits and their enhancement of reasoning skills — customers rave about them, too, unprompted!

Just yesterday a customer in one of our Kansas City-area stores spotted the Wedgits display in our “building section” and began extolling the virtues of the set she’d bought her grandson.

“He loves those!” she said. “It didn’t take him long to figure out that he could do all sorts of things with those blocks. I’m so glad I got them for him.”

One of the most intriguing things about Wedgits is that they can be combined to build impressive figures and designs, yet the pieces themselves are so simple. Wedgits are wedge-shaped plastic blocks (for those into geometry, think rhombus and octahedron shapes) that can be combined into a plethora of things, from basic pyramids and diamonds to more geometrically challenging structures.

The Wedgits Deluxe Set, our best seller, comes with 30 pieces of five progressive sizes that can be used to build anything that comes into the builder’s imagination — or they can use the 2 design books that suggest more than 60 unique combinations.

Wedgits play to those with inclinations toward engineering and science, but the open-ended and creative play will appeal to all children. Playing with the shapes encourages perception and reasoning skills as kids figure out different ways to combine the Wedgit pieces. What can you build? The challenge is on!

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A Colorful Storytime with Miss Beth

Storytime was full of food yesterday when Miss Beth read I Can Eat A Rainbow by Annabel Karmel.

This great book is full of fruits and vegetables. It is a wonderful book that teaches kids all about those things we all wish they’d eat more of! Each two-page spread focuses on food of a different color.
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Puppet Time at The Learning Tree

Miss DeDe uses puppets to tell stories at our Park Place store.

Last Thursday’s Storytime with Miss DeDe turned out to be puppet time when she introduced the kids to a lion, a mouse and other fuzzy creatures. The Puppetos Theater Stage showcased the puppets and their stories.

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Tea for Two – or Four – at The Learning Tree

Shall I pour some tea? Kids will say YES when they are playing the Tea Party Game by eeBoo Toys!

Classic and elegant tea time has been turned into a precious game that helps children develop decision making skills…and is fun, too!

Tea Party Game challenges the 2 to 4 players to be the first to put together a tea party — including a full place setting and a plate full of tea-time treats. You’ll feel like the party’s already started the second you open the box and pull out the real flowered tablecloth!

Players use the spinner to collect colorful tea party pieces, but manners are key to the game as participants must wait politely for their turn. And watch out for those pesky bees – if you spin one of those you have to put a piece back! Try not to get stung!

This game truly is delicious, and perfect for the little 3 to 6 year old tea party organizer!

The March of the AntWorks TvQuarium

AntWorks TvQuarium will make this the March of the ants!

Ants will be marching two by two (hurrah! hurrah!) and you’ll be able to see every step with this space-experiment inspired habitat.

AntWorks TvQuarium is the modern update to the tried-and-true sand ant farms and was inspired by a NASA experiment to study animal life in space. Instead of sand, this habitat uses a translucent gel that provides the food and water the ants need.

But the modern twist doesn’t end there! The ant habitat is contained in a black TV housing with a blue LED light that illuminates the gel, which the ants will tunnel through. You’ll be able to see the 3D tunnels the ants create through in the gel and the blue light will give the TvQuarium space-age appeal!

You can catch your own ants to add or you can send in the kit’s included certificate for live ants. Within days the intricate 3D tunnel system will have been created by the ants and you’ll be able to see it all through the gel!

The TvQuarium is best for ages 8 and older. The dimensions of Antworks TvQuarium are 8″L x 6.75″W x 1.75″D.

The AntWorks TvQuarium is made by Fascinations . They also make Antworks Illuminated, a clear acrylic habitat with blue gel and LED lights. Check it out here.

For more information or to buy, go to our online store.

Kids Make Rainbows at The Learning Tree

Make A Rainbow Craft Time

Our Corinth store was full of beautiful rainbows on Saturday thanks to Miss Kathleen and lots of kids. They all made crepe paper rainbows with pots of gold at the end.
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Stick(er) with it!

It’s easy with Sticker Factory!

We have trouble believing that there would be anyone out there who wouldn’t find Sticker Factory pretty cool. Come on, people, you get to design and make your own stickers!

Take an everyday, ordinary (ahem, boring!) piece of paper and turn it into your own unique stickers, with only a few simple steps. If you’re artistic, you can draw your own pictures. Or, if you have trouble even drawing a stick figure, you can use the included stencil or cut out a picture.

Then just send the paper through the laminating sticker machine…and presto! You have your own unique stickers for any kind of use…notebooks, scrapbooks, gift tags…or just for fun!

Sticker Factory comes with a 10-foot roll of sticker paper and a matching length of sticker film, the stencil, burnishing tool, pencil and instructions. We know you’ll stick with it, since it’s so much fun!

Gallop! A moving picture book!

Watch a horse gallop right before your eyes, literally, with the incredible Gallop! Scanimation Picture Book .

We doubt anyone has ever picked up this book and not had a reaction of absolute delight and amazement!

Rufus Butler Seder’s creative and patented Scanimation technology brings a flat page of art to life – by simply turning a page, the art actually moves. We dare you to not think this is really cool!

All sorts of animals romp through this book – the galloping horse is joined by creatures such as a turtle, a dog, an eagle and more. Easy text accompanies the animals.

Copies of Gallop! sit by the cash registers at our Park Place and Corinth stores and everyone who picks up one of the books is truly delighted. It seems incredible that something on a flat book page can actually move before your eyes!

Don’t miss out on seeing it for yourself

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