Stick(er) with it!

It’s easy with Sticker Factory!

We have trouble believing that there would be anyone out there who wouldn’t find Sticker Factory pretty cool. Come on, people, you get to design and make your own stickers!

Take an everyday, ordinary (ahem, boring!) piece of paper and turn it into your own unique stickers, with only a few simple steps. If you’re artistic, you can draw your own pictures. Or, if you have trouble even drawing a stick figure, you can use the included stencil or cut out a picture.

Then just send the paper through the laminating sticker machine…and presto! You have your own unique stickers for any kind of use…notebooks, scrapbooks, gift tags…or just for fun!

Sticker Factory comes with a 10-foot roll of sticker paper and a matching length of sticker film, the stencil, burnishing tool, pencil and instructions. We know you’ll stick with it, since it’s so much fun!

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