The March of the AntWorks TvQuarium

AntWorks TvQuarium will make this the March of the ants!

Ants will be marching two by two (hurrah! hurrah!) and you’ll be able to see every step with this space-experiment inspired habitat.

AntWorks TvQuarium is the modern update to the tried-and-true sand ant farms and was inspired by a NASA experiment to study animal life in space. Instead of sand, this habitat uses a translucent gel that provides the food and water the ants need.

But the modern twist doesn’t end there! The ant habitat is contained in a black TV housing with a blue LED light that illuminates the gel, which the ants will tunnel through. You’ll be able to see the 3D tunnels the ants create through in the gel and the blue light will give the TvQuarium space-age appeal!

You can catch your own ants to add or you can send in the kit’s included certificate for live ants. Within days the intricate 3D tunnel system will have been created by the ants and you’ll be able to see it all through the gel!

The TvQuarium is best for ages 8 and older. The dimensions of Antworks TvQuarium are 8″L x 6.75″W x 1.75″D.

The AntWorks TvQuarium is made by Fascinations . They also make Antworks Illuminated, a clear acrylic habitat with blue gel and LED lights. Check it out here.

For more information or to buy, go to our online store.

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