Kids Love Wedgits Blocks

We’re not the only ones who rave about Wedgits and their enhancement of reasoning skills — customers rave about them, too, unprompted!

Just yesterday a customer in one of our Kansas City-area stores spotted the Wedgits display in our “building section” and began extolling the virtues of the set she’d bought her grandson.

“He loves those!” she said. “It didn’t take him long to figure out that he could do all sorts of things with those blocks. I’m so glad I got them for him.”

One of the most intriguing things about Wedgits is that they can be combined to build impressive figures and designs, yet the pieces themselves are so simple. Wedgits are wedge-shaped plastic blocks (for those into geometry, think rhombus and octahedron shapes) that can be combined into a plethora of things, from basic pyramids and diamonds to more geometrically challenging structures.

The Wedgits Deluxe Set, our best seller, comes with 30 pieces of five progressive sizes that can be used to build anything that comes into the builder’s imagination — or they can use the 2 design books that suggest more than 60 unique combinations.

Wedgits play to those with inclinations toward engineering and science, but the open-ended and creative play will appeal to all children. Playing with the shapes encourages perception and reasoning skills as kids figure out different ways to combine the Wedgit pieces. What can you build? The challenge is on!

To see Wedgits, click here.

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