Roll with Rolit!

Take a game board, some little plastic ball-like pieces with a different color on each side and combine them with a lot of strategy and you have Rolit , an international best-selling game.

Best-selling’s all good, but we just like it because it’s fun.

Each player picks a color and spends the game trying to roll as many of the game pieces that have been played on the board to their color. Sounds simple, but get ready to pull out some strategy and tactics if you expect to win!

To get to have the “Rolit” experience, you have to figure out how to trap opponent’s pieces in between bookends of your colored pieces. If you manage to pull that off and have your color at the beginning of a row of balls and your color at the end of a row of balls — horizontally, vertically or diagonally — you get to turn all of the balls in that row to your color.

“I can do that…easy!” you’re thinking — but don’t get too complacent too soon! You have to make sure that nobody can come along later in the game and trap you and your colors, turning the whole row to their color this time!

The person who has the most of their color displaying at the end takes the game. But if you lose once, don’t despair — this game is so fun you’ll play it again and again and once you pull off the ultimate strategic moves, the game will be yours!

Sound cool? Watch a video demonstration!

We played Rolit at one of our Game Nights at our Corinth store and it was definitely a favorite.

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