Toddlers Say ‘Whee!’ with Wheely Bugs

What’s it take to turn a bug really cute and into a unique riding toy? Why, some wheels, of course!

Wheels have been added to some well-known bug friends, like ladybugs and bees , to turn them into low-to-the-ground riding toys that move in every direction, just with the direction of a little boy or girl’s feet.

The bug’s body, or the seat of non-compressible foam, is padded with sponge for a comfortable ride and the tough covering resists stains and spills. The cover can easily be wiped clean. We also love that Wheely Bugs are entirely non-toxic and that the base is made from renewable plantation poplar.

The Feelers on the Wheely Bugs are made from stainless steel springs. Polyester rope inside resists pull out and supports the spring from being kinked.

Who would have thought that something so cute could help develop gross motor skills and balance? Way to go, bugs (and kids)! Perfect for use on smooth surfaces, these are some bugs you’ll love to have inside!

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