Kids Made Sticky Mosaics Today at Kidtivities!

Kids making mosaics at The Learning Tree store in Corinth
We had a full house today at The Learning Tree in Corinth Square!
Kids with their finished mosaics.
Our Kidtivities event brought in kids as young as 3 years old. The younger kids made sticky mosaics of pets like fish, cats and dogs.

Kids show mosaics they made from sticky mosaics kits.
The older kids made dragon and princess mosaics from beautiful metallic-looking stick-on pieces. The kits have numbered boards that match a certain color and shape such as squares, triangle and circles. The kids just matched the numbers and shapes and stuck the correct piece to the board.
Just peel and stick and in no time, kids had a finished mosaic.
No glue needed since all the soft foam pieces had sticky backs, making it easy to complete the mosaics.
Kids work on mosaics at The Learning Tree.
Our Kidtivities are happening all this week and next week. Each session is $10. To register and join in all the fun, call us at 913-385-1234. Spaces are filling fast!

Here’s the full schedule of what’s going on.

Kidtivities Schedule

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