Kids Make Worms, Snow and Lava Lamps at Kidtivities!

Last Friday’s Kidtivities event, Test Tube Magic , turned kids into Mad Scientists!

Kids at Test Tube Magic event
They made a lava lamp in a test tube, grew instant worms, made sand underwater, created fake snow, and more.

Kids made bracelets and more at The Learning Tree event

They even took a trip out of the Rainbow Room at our Corinth Square Learning Tree into the sunlight in front of the store to see the bracelets they made turn colors in the sun…only to have them turn white again when they went back inside!
Kids do experiments at Test Tube Magic event
Miss Lori and Miss Hayley amazed the kids with lots of experiments and activites and gave them each a test tube to take home (with lava inside, of course, along with some magic balls that expand overnight.

This session will definitely be remembered by all the kids. And who knows, some of them may grow up to be real scientists some day!

We will be repeating Test Tube Magic on July 31st.

Here’s a link to the complete schedule.

The session is $10 and will fill up fast!

Call us now to sign up and be amazed! 913-385-1234

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