Darda Upside Down Overpass is Fast, Loopy Fun!

And it’s The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week!

Ready for some race car action? It’s 20% off this week!

Darda Upside Down Overpass

Darda Upside Down Overpass is the #1 favorite with kids who love fast action and cars that zoom, fly and crash on and off the track.

AND no batteries and  no electricity needed. Just a back and forth motion powers the friction that it takes to send the cars speeding.

The introductory set has a really great 5-loop corkscrew and 1 super fast car. It’s made for kids ages 4-9 years, but it’s fun for adults who like toys too!

Click here or on the photo for a link to Upside Down Racetrack in our store.

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