Find Your Marbles at The Learning Tree AND Learn How To Play!

Lost your marbles?

Come in to The Learning Tree at Corinth Square or Park Place and take a look at all the new marble assortments that just arrived! They’re not just pretty…they are super fun to play with!

Mega Marble Display at The Learning Tree Corinth Square

Mega Marble Display at The Learning Tree Corinth Square

Our selection of Mega Marbles is huge! The names of the sets are very descriptive of what the marbles look like. We have Jupiter marbles, Mars marbles, Cat’s Eye, Steely Torpedo, Fiesta, Jungle….you name it!

Each net has 24 marbles (mibs) and 1 shooter. The mibs are 5/8″ and the shooter is 1″. It also has 2 plastic display rings for showing them off.

Marble games have been around for generations…But how do you play marbles?

The most popular marble game is Ringer.

Each player (2 to 6 per game) has a shooter, which is a larger sized marble than the others.

If you’re playing outside, draw a circle on the sidewalk with chalk. (or use a stick in dirt) that’s at least 3 feet across. The bigger the circle, the harder the game will be.

To see who plays first, one at a time, each player stands behind a line drawn at the edge of the circle and tosses their shooter into the circle, trying to get as close to the opposite edge of the circle as they can. whoever gets closest, goes first. This process is called lagging. They can also “knuckle down” when they lag if they want to.

This photo shows a player knuckling down. Your knuckle must touch the ground when you shoot the marble.

Knuckle down

Knuckle down

13 marbles are placed in the circle in a cross formation in the middle.

The first player knuckles down and tries to knock one of the 13 marbles out of the circle. If he does, and his shooter stays in the circle, he or she gets another turn. He can shoot from inside the ring which gives him an advantage since he can get closer to the marbles.

A player can’t go inside the circle unless their shooter stayed in on their turn.

If he don’t knock another marble out of the circle and his shooter stays in the circle, the next player stays at the edge of the circle and knuckles down and shoots. She can aim at the other players shooter and try to knock it out. If she does, she wins all the marbles and the game.

Or, she can try to knock out another marble. If she misses, the next player shoots from inside the circle where the shooter landed from his previous turn.

The best strategy is to try to keep your shooter in the circle to stay closer to the marbles you are trying to knock out. Whoever knocks out the most marbles, wins the game.

You can also make up your own rules. There are tons of variations to marble games.

Also, the players need to decide up front what the rules are. Including whether to play for “fair” or for “keeps”. If you play for fair, when the game is over, everyone gets their marbles back. If you play for keeps, the winner keeps all the marbles.

Marbles is a classic, fun game that’s been played all over the world, generation after generation. You can play indoors or out, on any flat surface, with just a circle, some marbles and some friends or family.

Join the fun and start playing marbles today!

Bags of Mega Marbles from The Learning Tree

Bags of Mega Marbles from The Learnning Tree

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