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Gbaby Sea is our Top Toy for Babies

Gbaby Sea includes magnetic creatures and shapes for infants.

Babies can go to sea with Gbaby! This 11 piece Sea set features soft, super safe materials, making it perfect for teething as well as playtime fun.

The set includes a star, a turtle, a crab and a fish – as well as fun shapes that make a rattling sound when shaken, and the magnets inside attract or repel as if by magic, making it great fun for infants 10 months and up.

Swiss-made Gbaby uses simple ergonomic forms, helping infants develop their motor skills,  hearing and touch.

All the pieces have soft edges and are hermetically sealed, so they double as a bath toy. And if they get dirty, and they will with baby around, toss them in the dishwasher and they’ll hold up just fine.

Includes 11 pieces: 4 half round, 2 disks, 1 square, a star, a turtle, a crab and a fish. It’s our Learning Tree Toy Of The Week, so it’s 20% off through Saturday, October 31st.

Mrs. Fisher Cat Visits Storytime!

Miss Kathleen read The Leaf Man today at Storytime and who showed up?

None other than Mrs. Fisher Cat from the Calico Critters Fisher Cat family!

Storytime was lots of fun today. We had a nice group of kids at our Corinth store to hear Miss Kathleen read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

Leaf Man, published in 2005, is a beautiful and very creative book. Ehlert collected leaves in a plastic bag and photocopied them to keep their beautiful colors. She found leaves of all shapes and sizes around the country – even in Kansas City! Then she made the leaves into colllages, creating chickens, ducks, geese, pumpkins, turtles and lots more. Ever page is a different collage of brightly colored leaves.
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North Pole Camouflage is Toy of The Week


North Pole Camouflage is a very cool game.

Here’s how to play:
-Arrange six transparent puzzle pieces over one of the 48 background cards, starting with beginner and working your way up to expert
-The puzzle pieces have pictures of polar bears and fish on it
-Objective: Put the polar bear in the snow and the fish in the water without covering up the people

There are 48 challenges with 4 levels of difficulty. This game is part of Educational Insights Smart Games series. Puzzle pieces and cards store in the game board’s pull-out drawer, making this a great travel toy.

This game is not only enjoyable, but it helps kids develop problem solving skills, high cognitive thinking and spatial perception. It can be played with the whole family or by yourself.

North Pole Camouflage is easiest to use by seven-year-olds and older players, but kids as young as 5 can have lots of fun matching the pieces.

It’s our Learning Tree Toy of The Week and it’s on sale through October 24th.