Mrs. Fisher Cat Visits Storytime!

Miss Kathleen read The Leaf Man today at Storytime and who showed up?

None other than Mrs. Fisher Cat from the Calico Critters Fisher Cat family!

Storytime was lots of fun today. We had a nice group of kids at our Corinth store to hear Miss Kathleen read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

Leaf Man, published in 2005, is a beautiful and very creative book. Ehlert collected leaves in a plastic bag and photocopied them to keep their beautiful colors. She found leaves of all shapes and sizes around the country – even in Kansas City! Then she made the leaves into colllages, creating chickens, ducks, geese, pumpkins, turtles and lots more. Ever page is a different collage of brightly colored leaves.

The story is about finding the Leaf Man that blew him away and where the wind took him. The book allows kids to use their imaginations and intelligence to spot all the animals, vegetables and plants created with the leaves.

It’s a great story and picture book for kids ages 4 to 8, published by Harcourt Inc. The Leaf Man is a Junior Library Guild selection. It sells at The Learning Tree for $16.00.

After Storytime, Miss Kathleen and the kids made leaf collages to take home. They also got to meet and talk to Mrs. Fisher Cat. And of course we have LOTS of Calico Critters for sale! Come on in to either store to take a look!

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