Gbaby Sea is our Top Toy for Babies

Gbaby Sea includes magnetic creatures and shapes for infants.

Babies can go to sea with Gbaby! This 11 piece Sea set features soft, super safe materials, making it perfect for teething as well as playtime fun.

The set includes a star, a turtle, a crab and a fish – as well as fun shapes that make a rattling sound when shaken, and the magnets inside attract or repel as if by magic, making it great fun for infants 10 months and up.

Swiss-made Gbaby uses simple ergonomic forms, helping infants develop their motor skills,  hearing and touch.

All the pieces have soft edges and are hermetically sealed, so they double as a bath toy. And if they get dirty, and they will with baby around, toss them in the dishwasher and they’ll hold up just fine.

Includes 11 pieces: 4 half round, 2 disks, 1 square, a star, a turtle, a crab and a fish. It’s our Learning Tree Toy Of The Week, so it’s 20% off through Saturday, October 31st.

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