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Snap Circuits Go Green

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Go Green With Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit!

Snap Circuits are one of our favorite groups of science toys at The Learning Tree. Made by Elenco Electronics, these kits offer endless projects for kids to learn about electricity. And now, they’re teaching kids about alternative energy sources with Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit – Green Addition.

Kids of any age will love learning how to “go green.” They can build over 125 projects and have fun learning about environmentally friendly energy. And this week only, it’s 20% off!

Snap Circuits Green Edition includes a full-color manual and a separate educational manual. The educational manual explains all the forms of environmentally friendly energy including:

  • geothermal
  • hydrogen fuel cells
  • wind
  • solar
  • tidal
  • hydro

…and more.

This science kit for kids from 8 to 108 won the Dr. Toy Green Toy Company award, and made Astra’s Best Toys for Kids 2009 list.

The kit includes:

  • Hand Crank
  • Solar Cell
  • FM Radio
  • Energy Compartment
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Windmill
  • Clock
  • Analog Meter

The kit contains over 40 parts. NOT for children under 3 years of age.  Get the Snap Circuits Green Edition for your kids!

Find Your Marbles at The Learning Tree AND Learn How To Play!

Lost your marbles?

Come in to The Learning Tree at Corinth Square or Park Place and take a look at all the new marble assortments that just arrived! They’re not just pretty…they are super fun to play with!
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Discovery Playhouse is 20% Off This Week

Discovery Playhouse is a terrific place for toddlers to play and learn. And it’s 20% off through September 21st!

Discovery Playhouse Dome for toddlers

Your tiny tots will play and discover in this portable fabric frame house for hours and hours. It’s really easy to set up and take down too so you can take it to the sitter’s house or off to grandma’s with no trouble at all.

Ball play, key play, shape sorting, posting and peek-a-boo games, this dome’s got it all. It sets up in a flash into a big, roomy environment, making it perfect for multiple kids all playing at once.

Discovery Playhouse comes with 5 balls for popping into all the different types of chutes, a set of keys that attach to the fabric wall when not in use, spinners, mirrors, peep-holes, numbers, – lots of stuff to keep kids busy and learning for hours.

See more photos and get more info on our store. Just click here.

The New Fall Toy Catalog is Here!

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve received our Fall 2009 catalog! There is a lot of great stuff in it, including a $5 off coupon and a great deal on the Melissa & Doug floor puzzles!

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out! Click here for the interactive version of our catalog….

Darda Upside Down Overpass is Fast, Loopy Fun!

And it’s The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week!

Ready for some race car action? It’s 20% off this week!

Darda Upside Down Overpass

Darda Upside Down Overpass is the #1 favorite with kids who love fast action and cars that zoom, fly and crash on and off the track.

AND no batteries and  no electricity needed. Just a back and forth motion powers the friction that it takes to send the cars speeding.

The introductory set has a really great 5-loop corkscrew and 1 super fast car. It’s made for kids ages 4-9 years, but it’s fun for adults who like toys too!

Click here or on the photo for a link to Upside Down Racetrack in our store.

Top 5 Reasons We Love The Slice & Bake Cookie Set

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Everybody at The Learning Tree loves cookies…but we REALLY love Melissa & Doug’s Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Here’s why…

1: No messy clean-up. This colorful wooden set with toppings, doesn’t crumble, smear or leave traces on faces or floors.

2: No burning of fingers on a hot oven, cookie sheet, etc. Pretend play has a lot of advantages when it comes to baking.

3: No calories. Need we say more?

4: No ruining your appetite before dinner. And no sugar highs (and lows) to contend with. Just good, pretend-kitchen fun for kids.

5: Children get to be creative and use their endless imagination! And who knows…maybe it will spark their interest in real cooking and helping mom and dad in the kitchen.

This colorful wooden pretend play set includes 12 wooden, slice-able cookies and 12 toppings, wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and a kitchen mitt for safe, “no-calorie” play. The cookies store in a durable dough tube to use again and again.

Dimensions: 10.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.25″ packaged. Recommended Ages: 3+ years. This set is a great addition to any play kitchen sets.

So…The Slice And Bake Cookie Set is The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week! And to celebrate, the Slice & Bake Cookie Set is 20% off this week only!

Hurry, sale ends September 6, 2009
Sale limited to quantity on hand.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY The Slice & Bake Cookie Set by Melissa & Doug.

Swaddle Your Baby in Koala Kuddles

The Learning Tree now carries Koala Kuddles swaddling blankets. The Koala Kuddles Baby Swaddles are 100% cotton woven in a quilted fashion to give them extra cushioning for added softness.

The blankets measure 39″ x 39″ which is significantly larger than most receiving blankets, making for a snug swaddle for baby. Each package contains 3 blankets.

Koala Kuddles were created by Diana Cregan when, coming from Australia to Kansas and having her first baby in 2006, her friends had never seen the swaddling blankets she had brought from Australia. She ended up giving hers away and decided to create and sell her own swaddles here in the US so American mothers could give their babies the same comforting, swaddling benefits that Australian newborns have enjoyed for years.

Now based in Austin, TX, Koala Kuddles wraps are available for your baby or as a perfect baby shower gift for a new mom.

Click for more info on these great baby blankets.

Hot Diggity Dog! Diggity Dog is 20% Off

Diggity Dog is our Toy Of The Week at The Learning Tree!

Diggity Dog game by International Playthings

Diggity Dog game by International Playthings

Diggity Dog is a board game for kids 3 to 7 and it’s barktastic! And through July 12th, it’s 20% off!

To play Diggity Dog, you must help your puppy find its bones! Players move around the board by pressing the electronic dog, who then barks the number of spaces your dog can move on your hunt for bones. If your puppy lands next to a bone, have him pick it up using his magnetic nose and if the color of the bone matches the puppy, then he can keep the bone and move it to your doghouse. First player to dig up 3 bones is the winner!

It’s a great indoor game for when the temperatures rise too high outside for comfort during these summer months.

This cute game includes the board, 4 puppies (Sam, Max, Spot, and Toby), 1 electronic barking dog perched in his dog house (batteries included), 12 bones, and game rules.

Diggity Dog is a great counting and matching game for pre-schoolers. It’s for 2-4 players. Ages 3 to 7.

Here’s your link for more information or to buy Diggity Dog

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Game On This July 4th!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day in America on July 4th than by learning more about the United States?

The Learning Tree Toy Experts have chosen our top 5 games filled with patriotic facts and fun.

1: Great States!

Great States!

Great States!

This board game for is for kids 7 to adult. It includes 100 questions in each of 4 categories to keep you playing through a 3 day weekend and beyond! The playing board is a map of the US, but you don’t need it to play, so the game is travel friendly in case you’re going to grandma’s. Just take the cards and you’re ready to play.

The categories, Fact, Find, Figure and Fun will have kids learning all the states, their capitals, fun facts – even North, South, East and West as they figure out which states are east of California, etc.

Great States! is made by International Playthings.  AND, there’s Great States Junior for kids 4 to 8 to introduce them to the 50 states using names, picture and shapes.

2: Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America

The 50 states are all mixed up and they need help to find their way home!

In Scrambled States of America, players are dealt 5 State Cards they need to match to the card turned over from the Scramble Card deck. Scramble Cards have clues on them that relate them to other states, such as a state that touches at least 6 other states or a state that has 4 or more syllables. If a player can match a State Card from their pile to that Scramble Card, they’ll slap their State Card and yell out the state’s name. That card then goes into their Home Pile, and a new Scramble Card is turned over for the next round. Whoever has collected the most State Cards in their Home Pile by the end of the game, is the winner.

This action-packed card game by Gamewright is a great way to teach basic knowledge of U.S. Geography. Players will learn everything from state capitals and nicknames, to the shape and location of each state. For 2 – 4 players, ages 8 and up.

3: All Around The USA

All Around The USA

All Around The USA

BrainBox All Around The USA is a 10-minute memory recall game let’s you test your brain with 10 questions in 10 seconds, giving you countless learning opportunities! Players study the pictures-and-facts side of the card for 10 seconds, then they flip to the other side to see how many of the 10 questions they can answer.

Quick,  can you name the state capital? How many stars are on the flag? What river flows through this state?

This is a good travel game too! By Mindware for ages 8 and up

4: Spin USA

Spin USA

Spin USA

Geosafari Spin USA let’s you spin and play your way across the U.S.A!

Have fun and sharpen your U.S. geography skills! Players press the timer, and then everyone races simultaneously to find their particular state before times runs out. This is a fun family board game where everyone learns state locations and capitals. the Spin Timer requires 3AAA batteries which aren’t included.  Spin USA is made by Educational Insights for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up.

5: Score Fifteen: Fifty Nifty States

Score Fifteen: The Fifty Nifty States

Score Fifteen: The Fifty Nifty States

How much do you know about our 50 states?

Fifty Nifty States asks you more than 100 five-question quizzes that will challenge, reinforce, extend your knowledge, and stimulate your thinking process. Take it with you on vacation, play it while waiting for a table at a restaurant, or enjoy it on a quiet evening at home. It’s a great family quiz game that makes learning fun. Fifty Nifty States is made by Gary Grimm and Associates for ages 8 and older.

Long after the fireworks explode and the hotdogs and apple pie eaten, these games will be teaching kids (and adults!) about American history, geography and social studies…all while having a great time with family and friends.

See all these educational games for kids here at The Learning Tree store.

Have a Happy and Educational 4th!

Kids Flea Market A Huge Success!

Learning Tree at Corinth Square

Yes, it was hot…but so were the deals!

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