Science Classes at The Learning Tree

It will be Science Wednesday for kids this summer at The Learning Tree!

Wednesdays in June and July, we are offering science classes at our Corinth store.

Fossil Dig:

Become a paleontologist! Dig for real fossils that are millions of years old. Children will dig for a real fossilized shark tooth, brachiopod shell, gastropod shell and squid shell. These real “millions of year old” fossils are embedded in a brick and are revealed by using the supplied scraping and brush tools similar to those used by paleontologists.

Volcano Kit:

Kids will construct and decorate their own paper mache volcanoes. They’ll then “erupt” them and learn about real volcanoes. Kids can take home their volcanoes and repeat the activity again and again.

Test Tube Science:

Get ready to experience REALLY COOL science and discover lots of fun things about the world around us! Activities will include some of the following activities as time permits: growing insta-snow, magic sand, making a lava-lamp, making a color changing bracelet, making ghost crystals, disappearing water, making a bloody handprint, making instant worms and jiggly fish eggs. This is an on-the-premises activity, without anything substantial to take home.

Fossil Dig – Wednesday, June 2 – 10:30am      $10
Build and erupt a volcano – Wednesday, June 16 – 10:30am      $15
Test Tube Science – Wednesday, June 30 – 10:30am      $10
Fossil Dig – Wednesday, July 7 – 10:30am      $10
Build and Erupt A Volcano – Wednesday, July 14 – 10:30am      $10
Test Tube Science – Wednesday, July 21 – 10:30am      $10

Call us at 913-385-1234 to register!

Here’s a PDF file with all the details…


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