The Amazing Kaleidoscopic is Toy Of The Week and 20% Off

The Amazing Kaleidoscope

Imagine looking into a new kind of kaleidoscope that you don’t have to hold up to the light!

The Amazing Kaleidoscopic has its own built-in-light show that happens as you look at the kaleidoscopic images.

You can change the color of the images using any of the 3 included liquid color chambers.

It may be the most unusual Kaleidoscope you’ve ever looked into. Whether you use it in the light or in the dark, it’s amazing. No light is needed because Kaleidoscopic has its own built-in-lighting system. When used with the 2 included liquid color chambers, the visual effects are beautiful and amazing. Use it in it’s stand or hold it in your hand. It has rubberized texture for non-slip grip.

For ages 6-12 yrs.

It’s our Learning Tree Toy of The Week and it’s 20% off this week only!

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