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Twist & Turn for 20% Off This Week

Classic Ring Toss Toy with a Musical Twist and Turn

This is no ordinary ring toss! It’s a wacky, whirling musical game! And it’s 20% off this week!

Musical Ring Toss for kids

Kids will love Musical Ring Toss, by Kidoozie. It’s a classic ring toss game with a twist. Players can toss the 5 rings onto the swirling sticks that spin at 2 different speeds while silly music plays.

Set it up in a the traditional cross pattern, or arrange the sticks in a row, or maybe a V. The combinations are endless! As kids get better you can increase the tossing distance. This is a toy that’s fun for the whole family. Blindfold dad and see how good he is!

It’s easy to assemble in many configurations. The sticks swirl at 2 different speeds with 2 different tunes.

Package includes 1 base, 4 extenders, 5 sticks, and 5 rings.

Requires 3 AA batteries that are not included.