Our Toy Of The Week is Magnetic!

It’s the Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 48-pc. Construction Set

Magna-Tiles are the ultimate open-ended 3D construction toy which is why the DX Clear 48-Piece Set is our Toy of the Week! Allowing endless building possibilities, these magnets attract in all directions.

Magna Tiles Clear Color 48 pc. set

Ideal for ages 3 and up, this set includes:

3 large squares

12 small squares

10 right triangles

9 equilateral triangles

6 isosceles triangles

1 wheeled chassis

2 imagination pieces

2 triangles with round window

1 arch

1 square door frame

1 magnetic hinged door

Magna-Tiles foster patterning, shape recognition, 3 dimensional thinking, building skills and fine motor skills. Whether through directed instruction using the idea guide book or through open-ended creative play, Magna-Tiles allow young minds to experience and understand basic math, science and creative concepts.

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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 48 piece Deluxe Set

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