Let’s Pajaggle! It’s 20% Off This Week

We’ve got a great new Toy Of The Week this week.


Pajaggle Board Game

Pajaggle is a board game with small plastic pieces (NOT for kids under 3!) that you fit into the board. You can play more than 10 different games with it. It requires lots of concentration to match the pieces to the socket openings in the board.

Each piece matches only 1 socket. There are also “doublers” which are pieces that fit inside of other pieces. But most of all, don’t pajiggle! That’s when you put the wrong piece in a socket.

We have the game set up in our store and we can’t stop playing it! Our customers have had a lot of fun with it too.

You can play by yourself or with friends because you can race against the clock or each other.

Another great thing about it…it’s made in the USA.

Here’s How To Play…

1. Lay out the pieces.

2. Select a piece and place it into the matching socket

3. Place the center Pajaggle piece as the last piece into the board.

4. Yell “Pajaggle” and you win!

But that’s just one way to play. The game set includes different games including Block-n-Bridge and Triad.

Buy Pajaggle here.

For more ways to play, you can print out this handy PDF gamebook!

Pajaggle Games PDF



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