Put On A Show with My First Finger Puppet Theater

My First Finger Puppet Theater is 20% Off This Week!

My First Finger Puppet Theater by Creativity for Kids

The Learning Tree Toy of the Week is a toy well-loved by kids since it lets them use their endless imaginations. And what kid doesn’t love finger puppets?

finger puppet theater and puppets you can decorate

Kids make the costumes and star in the show! Six adorable felt puppets are ready to be decorated with peel-and-stick felt, wiggly eyes and wacky accessories, so each one is as unique as your little puppet master.

Fish Finger Puppet

Butterfly finger puppet

frog puppet

My First Finger Puppet Theater┬áincludes a 17″ x 12″ cardboard stage for you to decorate, too. Let the show begin!

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