Dodge Tag, You’re It! Our Toy Of The Week

There’s still plenty of time to get outside and play! Enjoy the cooler weather with the kids. Choose sides, gear up, and get moving for the ultimate two-player dodgeball game!

Dodge Tag Dodge Tag vests and balls

Dodge Tag!

And it’s our Toy Of The Week so it’s 20% off.

DodgeTag combines the best elements of dodgeball and tag for the ultimate elimination competition. Two players wear mesh vests with adjustable straps and bull’s-eyes, which the other players try to hit with 6 soft balls.

Dodge Tag outdoor game for kids

Ready, aim, and score!


Players throw soft, safe balls at the opponent’s vest to score points; Dodge Tag is a super fun way to help kids build hand-eye coordination and timing and encourages active play. So, get Dodge Tag and get moving!

Dodge Tag Set includes 2 fabric vests with super-sticky, hook-and-loop targets, adjustable straps and 6 balls.

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