Write Your Own Storybook!

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful kit that contained everything needed to transform the simple joy of writing into a sense of pride, capturing your child’s words and illustrations in a professionally typeset and bound book.

My Own Story Book by Creatively Ever After

My Own Storybook is made by Creatively Ever After. It’s our Toy Of The Week.

Markers, simple instructions, and plenty of writing and drawing forms are enclosed along with a postage-paid envelope to send in the pages.

Your finished storybook is delivered free of charge in 4 to 6 weeks and features:

  • “About the Author” page
  • dedication page
  • up to 12 story pages with up to 20 typeset words per page

It’s never been easier to get a book published. It’s a great keepsake or gift for grandparents, caregivers, faraway friends…the possibilities are endless…just like a child’s imagination.

My Own Story Book Box

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