Use Kid Power with Ultra Stomp Rockets

Kids use jumping power to launch Ultra Stomp Rockets!

It’s our Toy of The Week and 20% off!

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rockets explode over 200 feet in the air when kids STOMP on the air-filled Launch Pad. The foam rocket easily loads into the launcher for plenty of 3-2-1 EXCITEMENT!

Just right for building muscle strength and agility as kids jump and aim to land directly on launch pad. Ultra Stomp Rockets construction and materials are top-notch to stand up to hours and hours of rigorous play.

Kit comes with rocket launcher, four improved OG-1 Nosecone foam-tipped rockets, and launch pad.

The original Ultra Stomp Rockets and Junior Stomp Rockets remain favorites with our customers and Toy Experts alike.

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