Zip-It! Zip-It Good! It’s our Toy of The Week

What’s the 20-second word race you can play anyplace?

Zip-It by the makers of Bananagrams

ZIP-IT is an exhilarating, high-speed, two-player game played with 24 lettered cubes and colored scoring zippers that come built into the pouch. Each player takes 12 cubes and races against their opponent to build a word grid.

One hand can be played in as little as 20 seconds, and everything you need is in the bag! Playable on an airplane or train tray, ZIP-IT is the ultimate travel game.

Each pouch includes a WEORDS dictionary of weird words that win word games!

Zip-It is our Learning Tree Toy of The Week so….you know the drill

…it’s 20% off this week only!

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