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Click ‘n Spin Activity Blocks are Toy Of The Week

Keep your toddler occupied with these fun, activity-filled blocks.

Click N Spin Activity Blocks

There are 4 multi-colored blocks with different activities on every side, and they combine to work as a whole.

Push, spin, click and twirl…all day long! This is a great birthday gift that keeps kids busy for hours!

For ages 12-48 mos.

Click ‘n Spin Activity Blocks are Toy Of The Week at The Learning Tree!

Click N Spin Activity Blocks

Robot Turtles Can Teach Your 4-Year Old to Program

How do you teach the fundamentals of computer programming in a few minutes to 4 year olds?

Make it a game!

Robot Turtles Board Game Robot Turtles Board Game

Let the kids be in charge.

Add challenges so the game doesn’t get stale.

Stand back and be astounded!

Kids use cards to indicate movement and the adult makes the moves.

Kids get to be the boss! Game play builds skills and confidence.

For 2-5 players.

Slice and Bake Cookies Are Hot!

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Why do we love Melissa & Doug’s Slice & Bake Cookie Set?

Here’s why…

1: No messy clean-up. This colorful wooden set with toppings, doesn’t crumble, smear or leave traces on faces or floors. Just toss it in the toy box or pretend kitchen cabinet.

2: No burning of fingers on a hot oven, cookie sheet, etc. Pretend play has a lot of advantages when it comes to baking.

3: No calories. Need we say more?

4: No ruining your appetite before dinner. And no sugar highs (and lows) to contend with. Just good, pretend-kitchen fun for kids.

5: Little ones get to be creative and use their endless imagination! And who knows…maybe it will spark their interest in real cooking and helping in the kitchen.

This colorful wooden pretend play set includes 12 wooden, slice-able cookies and 12 toppings, wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and a kitchen mitt for safe, “no-calorie” play. The cookies store in a durable dough tube to use again and again.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set

Dimensions: 10.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.25″ packaged. Recommended Ages: 3+ years. This set is a great addition to any play kitchen sets.

So…The Slice And Bake Cookie Set is The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week! And to celebrate, the Slice & Bake Cookie Set is 20% off this week only!

Hurry, sale ends August 25, 2014.
Sale limited to quantity on hand.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY The Slice & Bake Cookie Set by Melissa & Doug.

Kyro 5 is Toy Of The Week…and 20% Off

Kyro 5

One of Jonny’s favorite games is Kyro 5, so we are happy to announce…

Kyro 5 is Toy Of The Week!

This 2 player game is all about strategy. Be the first to place a row of 5 pyramids to win. Your row can be diagonal or side by side, as long as a corner or side of the pyramid is touching.

Here’s a short video to show you more…

Come to the store and we can show you how to play. We love this game!

Send Rockets Soaring with Rocket Zoomer!

The Rocket Zoomer Gets Kids Outside and Stomping!

It’s our Toy of The Week and 20% off.

Rocket Zoomer

The Rocket Zoomer from Kidoozie is guaranteed to produce giggles and shouts as kids stomp the rockets and watch them soar.

Just load a rocket onto the base and step on the pump to shoot the rocket straight up with the force of air.The harder you step, stomp, and jump, the higher your rocket will fly!

Includes a sturdy, easy to assemble launcher base and one 5″ and one 6.5″ rocket.

Rocket Zoomer by Kidoozie

Soft, safe and super-fun, this is one of our best selling toys at The Learning Tree!


Zip-It! Zip-It Good! It’s our Toy of The Week

What’s the 20-second word race you can play anyplace?

Zip-It by the makers of Bananagrams

ZIP-IT is an exhilarating, high-speed, two-player game played with 24 lettered cubes and colored scoring zippers that come built into the pouch. Each player takes 12 cubes and races against their opponent to build a word grid.

One hand can be played in as little as 20 seconds, and everything you need is in the bag! Playable on an airplane or train tray, ZIP-IT is the ultimate travel game.

Each pouch includes a WEORDS dictionary of weird words that win word games!

Zip-It is our Learning Tree Toy of The Week so….you know the drill

…it’s 20% off this week only!

Use Kid Power with Ultra Stomp Rockets

Kids use jumping power to launch Ultra Stomp Rockets!

It’s our Toy of The Week and 20% off!

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rockets explode over 200 feet in the air when kids STOMP on the air-filled Launch Pad. The foam rocket easily loads into the launcher for plenty of 3-2-1 EXCITEMENT!

Just right for building muscle strength and agility as kids jump and aim to land directly on launch pad. Ultra Stomp Rockets construction and materials are top-notch to stand up to hours and hours of rigorous play.

Kit comes with rocket launcher, four improved OG-1 Nosecone foam-tipped rockets, and launch pad.

The original Ultra Stomp Rockets and Junior Stomp Rockets remain favorites with our customers and Toy Experts alike.

Sing Your Heart Out with our Toy of The Week

Let your child’s inner star shine with the Pink Sing-A-Long Star Mic!

Sing-A-Long Star Mic in Pink

Is there a future “idol” in your midst? Then don’t keep them idle – hand over the realistic Sing-A-Long Star Mic and let the show begin!

It’s our Toy Of The Week so you know what that means….you save 20%!

Pick one up now in either store or online.

It is Pink and it is flashy. It features dancing disco lights, 3 very cool sound effects, and volume control.

And as your little diva grows – and she will – it adjusts to 3 different heights, so let self-expression and confidence step into the spotlight!

And hey, who says mom or dad can’t take their turn when no one’s looking? Nothing beats belting out a little Rick Springfield or Heart after a long day at the office…

Check out the Pink Star Mic here.


Dodge Tag is IT, Our Toy of The Week

Get outside and play! And what’s summer without Dodge Ball??

Choose sides, gear up, and get moving for the ultimate two-player dodgeball game!

Dodge Tag Dodge Tag vests and balls

Dodge Tag!

And it’s our Toy Of The Week so it’s 20% off.

DodgeTag combines the best elements of dodgeball and tag for the ultimate elimination competition. Two players wear mesh vests with adjustable straps and bull’s-eyes, which the other players try to hit with 6 soft balls.

Dodge Tag outdoor game for kids

Ready, aim, and score!


Players throw soft, safe balls at the opponent’s vest to score points; Dodge Tag is a super fun way to help kids build hand-eye coordination and timing and encourages active play. So, get Dodge Tag and get moving!

Dodge Tag Set includes 2 fabric vests with super-sticky, hook-and-loop targets, adjustable straps and 6 balls.

Get yours in either of our 2 store locations or our online store.

For Fast, Frenzied Play, Try Tenzi!

TenziThis just might be the quickest dice game ever! And GREAT fun for parties and family time.

Someone yells “Go!” and everyone rolls at once and keeps rolling until all their dice roll the same number.

But it’s not until they yell “Tenzi!” that the wild and crazy mayhem ends and the game is won.

For 2–4 players. 77 Ways to Play TENZI is sold separately.

For ages 7 yrs-adult.