ADULTS ONLY Coloring Event Sept. 10th!

Join The Adult Coloring Book Craze!

Join The Adult Coloring CrazeWe’re having an ADULTS ONLY Coloring Book Party on Thursday, September 10th at 6:30pm at The Learning Tree Park Place.

Now that the kids are back at school, have a relaxing night out with friends at The Learning Tree! B Y O Coloring Book, or buy one from us. Then sit down, chill out, and color!

Email Elisa to RSVP: Send Mail or call us at 913-498-1234.

The NY Times, LA Times, and our own KC Star Parade magazine have featured articles on the adult coloring book craze. Calling it “50 Shades of Coloring” and “The New Joy of Coloring,” Parade magazine tempts us to “Cheer up, chill out and get your creative juices flowing.”

This new phenomenon doesn’t surprise us here at The Learning Tree! Kids have always loved coloring and it’s a feeling that doesn’t go away as we grow up. It’s relaxing, easy, and can put you into that creative trance-like state of flow, leaving you content and calm.  Best of all, you don’t have to learn any new skills to be successful on your first attempt.

We carry an assortment of coloring book for grownups from several publishers and of course a multitude of multi-colored pens, pencils and crayons. Intricate designs include mandalas, fantasy botanicals, and enchanted animals.

Feel free to bring your own coloring books or purchase one from us before the event.

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