Sunday September 13th is Grandparents Day

In honor of Grandparents Day this Sunday, Sept. 13th…

Come see us this Sunday, show us a photo of your grandkids and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your entire purchase. Or, better yet, bring your grandchildren in to see us!

AND we found a great resource for you from

Make Some Memories: 100 Free Things to Do with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents, through the years we have developed a special relationship with many of you at The Learning Tree. It’s our goal to help you enjoy the process of expressing your love and caring through gift giving. But, you don’t just shop with us, you keep us up to date on who has lost a tooth, who you’re going to visit, and who’s been making mischief. We know lots of your grandkids, and feel like we even know the grandchildren we haven’t met!

What we’ve found is that often grandparents are looking for a toy or activity they can share with their grandchildren to enhance the time they spend with each other.  Remembering my grandmother, I think about the cake tin filled with fabric scraps, buttons and thread she gave me. I sat for hours with her and my great-grandmother. They showed me how to thread a needle, how to make stitches and how to sew on buttons. Memories are made of the things that we do with the people we love.

When tested a sweepstakes to win $5,000 for a grandchild’s education as an incentive to sign up for their free weekly email, a download on their website titled “100 Free Things to Do with Your Grandchildren” outperformed the sweepstakes.  Grandparents want the opportunity for time to play, to discover, to teach, to create, and to nurture their grandchildren.

We looked over that list of 100 and found some great ideas for projects and games. Take a look yourself and maybe have some fun with #9, tips on how to make a soda bottle bowling alley, or #77, how to make a time capsule with your granddaughter, or use the recipe for #57 to make a batch of colored clay for the whole gang.

Make some memories!

Click here for the printable list

* is a website sponsored by the American Grandparents Association. The AGA “connects and nurtures Families, taking care of the needs unique to America’s 70 million grandparents.”

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