Meet author/illustrator Daniel Miyares

Saturday March 5th: Celebrate a Surf’s Up Book Party
10:30am at Corinth Square
We’ll spread out the beach towels and enjoy an interactive reading, drawing activity and book signing with local illustrator/author Daniel Miyares. There will be beachy activities and give-aways too!
Surf's Up by Kwame Alexander and Daniel Miyares We’re honored and delighted that Daniel Miyares picked a visit to The Learning Tree to introduce his latest book Surf’s Up!

Collaborating with Newberry award winning author Kwame Alexander, Daniel’s high energy illustrations bring beach bound, frog friends, Bro and Dude to life.

Click the image to watch a video about this great new book!

We had the chance to interview David recently…

Meet author/illustrator Daniel Miyares:

How did this book come to be?

Surf’s Up was Kwame’s idea to start with. My artist rep contacted me and asked if I would give this manuscript a read. They said it was a story about two frog friends. One wants to get to the beach but the other just wants to read his book. It was a dialogue driven story, but I immediately began imagining who these characters were and what their adventure was going to be. Kwame infused them with such personality. I knew it was going to be a fun one.

How did you end up in KC and what is your favorite thing about living in KC?

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I studied illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. After college I got a job working for Hallmark Cards, Inc. as an illustrator so off I went to the middle of the map!

What are your thoughts about kids and the importance of books and reading?

I was reminded pretty quickly after becoming a father that children look at the world with an amazing sense of wonder. I try my best each day to see things the way my children do. My daughter has recently become a really good reader. Watching her progress through those stages and seeing each light bulb go off along the way has been such a joy. Reading makes anything possible.

What’s family life like at your house?

It’s not uncommon for impromptu family dance parties to break out in our kitchen. We like to boogie.

Visit Daniel Miyares’ website to learn more.

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