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Squish, Squash, Sculpt!
TOMORROW – Monday, July 23rd – 10:30am


Squish, Squash, Sculpt class

Squish, Squash, Sculpt! Ages 5+ Uncover the Playfoam Pal within and squish and squash your way into sensory fun with mess-free no dry Playfoam! Rollers, cookie cutters and mixing new colors will keep the sculpting and creating going!

Watercolor Exploration

TOMORROW – Monday, July 23rd – 1:00pm


Watercolor Exploration class

Watercolor Exploration Ages 5+ Dragon and butterfly resist templates allow rainbow color exploration with concentrated watercolor paints. Create new colors in the palette mixing tray and watch your design appear before your eyes. It’s technicolor magic!

Thinking Putty Workshop!

Tuesday, July 24th – 10:30am


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Workshop

Thinking Putty Workshop! Ages 5+ Enter into the mind of Crazy Aaron and create your very own unique putties! Start with a clear putty and add colors and mix-ins to come up with a unique stretchable, squeezable, bounce-able Thinking Putty. Mix and match colors and special effects to create your own mini-tins. Then custom design your tin labels. You’ll want to be there for this one…it’ll stretch your mind!!!

Slime Science!

Tuesday, July 24th – 1:00pm
Thursday, July 26th – 10:30am


Make Your Own Slime in Slime Science class

Slime Science! Ages 6+ Slime – who knew it could be so much fun? During our Slime Science class, we’ll mix it up, wait for the magic, and do a hands-on check for sliminess. Then we’ll do some, slimy, science experiments that will get you an A+ for fun.

Cute Clay Confections!

Wednesday, July 25th – 10:30am
Friday, July 27th – 1:00pm


Cute Clay Confections class

Cute Clay Confections Ages 6+ Join our bake shop of cute clay confectionary! Create and decorate your own mini confections with easy-peasy, NO BAKE, air-dry clay. We’ll have all the “ingredients” you’ll need for rolling out clay just like fondant. These treats are so sweet, but please don’t eat them!

Create A Masterpiece!

Wednesday, July 25th – 1:00pm


Create a MasterPiece! class

Create a Masterpiece! Ages 4+ Get inspired from studying some classic artwork, then create your own masterpiece! Vibrantly colored Kwikstix on real artist’s canvas is the perfect way to get creative with no water, no mess and quick drying! Pure mastery!

One Shape, Endless Building!

Friday, July 27th – 10:30am


One Shape, Endless Building with Plus Plus class

One Shape Endless Building! Ages 5+ Builders and designers, this one’s for you! Dig into our buckets of Plus Plus building bricks and create a 2D mosaic or 3D structure- the possibilities are endless using Plus Plus! When we’re through take home your own 75- piece tube for more building fun.


Create It, Make It, Take It class

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Learning Tree Summer Lunch Bag at
Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread Company

While you’re signing up for Summer Activity Classes at the Learning Tree, go ahead and make the day super easy! Order lunch ahead of time at Great Harvest Bread Co. for just $10! They’re next door to the Learning Tree in Corinth Square and they have indoor and outdoor tables.

Ask for the Learning Tree Summer Lunch Bag at Great Harvest Bread Co. Available July 23-27. Call 913-381-8877

  • 4 Sandwich Choices

  • Kettle Chips

  • Great Harvest Cookie

  • PLUS Drink!

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