Who wants gum? Now with instructions!

We do we do!

And now you can make it yourself!

Bubble Gum Factory is a unique hands-on product that introduces kids to not only the science of food, but the creativity as well! Kits like this are wonderful because the “I want to play by the rules” kids can follow the recipesĀ  while the “I want to make something nobody has ever tasted before” kids can combine the included flavorings (including fruity, sour, and minty) into any combination they want.

The recipes include Juicy Watermelon, Sour Fruit Cocktail, Cool Candy Kiss, Junkyard Gum…and more.

Kids start by heating the gum base (Adult supervision is required. You will need a microwave to use the kit – it’s not for kids under 8). Then they add corn syrup, flavor powders and sugar and knead it like bread till all the ingredients are mixed in and smooth. The cool part is they can pop a small piece in their mouth before it’s done and adjust the flavor if it’s not to their liking. They can even maker it sweeter or more sour. That part may be more art than science.

Along with the ingredients for 8 flavor combinations, the factory includes an activity book with recipes, instructions, food science rules (keep it clean!!), the history of gum, some fun facts (like who holds the record for the longest gum wrapper chain) and even great ideas for kids to market their new gum creations! That’s if they don’t chew it all themselves, of course…

Bubble Gum Factory is a creative and educational make-it-yourself (and chew-it-yourself) kit that teaches kids the science of bubble gum. Got a science fair coming up? It’s great for that too.

Bubble Gum Factory is made by Scientific Explorer , a division of Elmer’s (the glue people, among other things). They make a ton of cool kits for kids including Tasty Science , My First Science Kit, Perfumery, and Mind Blowing Science .

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Update: Click here to download the Bubble Gum Factory instructions.