Race To The Treasure is our Toy Of The Week

Race To The Treasure board gameWhat could be more fun than a race between kids and an ogre?

Nothing, except working together to get to the treasure!

Race to the Treasure board game uses cooperation to send players on a quest to gather up three of the keys and beat the ogre to the bag of treasure.

It’s a fun game that every household should take a look at. Recommended for ages 5 and older, you work as a team flipping cards and creating a path to gather up three of the four keys. Once collected, it’s time to make your way to the bag of treasure before flipping over 8 ogre cards. It’s simple, takes less than 5 minutes to learn, and about 20 minutes to play. We found that once you finish a game, it’s so easy and fun to turn around give it another go!

The way the game quickly promotes teamwork is one of it’s biggest assets. You don’t just place pieces randomly on the board, you naturally ask one another and reason out why the path cards should or shouldn’t go in certain places in order to get to the treasure quickest. Instead of competing against one another, you’re playing against the ogre cards, and their random order in the shuffled pile makes the game even more thrilling. You never know what card you’re going to pull next. We also found that leaving the cards in a messy pile to pull from at random added another level of fun and suspense to the game.

The playful graphics add to the visual appeal of the game, as does the completely eco-friendly packaging and game content.

It was an all around fun game to play, quick to set up and easy to learn. We played three games consecutively, and won as a team two out of three times! We didn’t get bored, and kept guessing and working together to beat the ogre to the end of the game.

Review by Learning Tree Toy Experts, Kitt and Elaine

Hot Diggity Dog! Diggity Dog is 20% Off

Diggity Dog is our Toy Of The Week at The Learning Tree!

Diggity Dog game by International Playthings

Diggity Dog game by International Playthings

Diggity Dog is a board game for kids 3 to 7 and it’s barktastic! And through July 12th, it’s 20% off!

To play Diggity Dog, you must help your puppy find its bones! Players move around the board by pressing the electronic dog, who then barks the number of spaces your dog can move on your hunt for bones. If your puppy lands next to a bone, have him pick it up using his magnetic nose and if the color of the bone matches the puppy, then he can keep the bone and move it to your doghouse. First player to dig up 3 bones is the winner!

It’s a great indoor game for when the temperatures rise too high outside for comfort during these summer months.

This cute game includes the board, 4 puppies (Sam, Max, Spot, and Toby), 1 electronic barking dog perched in his dog house (batteries included), 12 bones, and game rules.

Diggity Dog is a great counting and matching game for pre-schoolers. It’s for 2-4 players. Ages 3 to 7.

Here’s your link for more information or to buy Diggity Dog

Zingo! – A Bingo Game for All Ages!

Zingo game for kids

What does it say about a game when people who work at the toy store keep buying it to give as a gift? It must be a winner!

Zingo! is one of our most popular games. Even though it is intended for kids 4 to 8, adults have been known to say they’re going to play just one game…only to keep playing! One staffer gave the game to a family adopting two children and the parents-to-be reported in their thank-you note that “ My hubby and I have already spent over an hour playing Zingo!

A Bingo-style game, Zingo’s game cards are complete with nine squares with pictures (for those too young to read) and their matching words (for those learning to or already reading). Plastic tiles are released by a fun plastic dispenser and players race to match the tiles to pictures and words on their game card. The first to fill his or her card wins!

One of the best features of Zingo! is the two different boards which put younger players on an even level with more skilled older players. The younger kids have just as much chance of winning, which is good for their morale.

Zingo! is fast-paced and a fun way for children to use their observation skills; it assists with shape and pattern recognition, as well as nurturing short-term memory and more…but best of all, it does that and more while being a blast to play!

Game Night Was A Winner!

What’s in a game?

If it’s a game from The Learning Tree , the answer is most definitely fun – accompanied by some brain action when you’re not looking!

Park Place store

Oscar shows dad how to play Cranium Cariboo

Just ask Oscar who delighted in The Learning Tree Game Night (as well as the popcorn and candy corn!) at our Corinth store on Friday, Oct. 17. We kept the doors open, filled the bowls with snacks and pulled out some of our favorite games (shh…don’t tell anyone they’re educational!).
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