Buying Safe Toys

Ensuring toy safety and encouraging safe play are top priorities at The Learning Tree and parents and toy givers play important roles as well. Along with industry and government, parents have an important role in toy safety. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Buy Smart

-Check age grading and all toy packaging labels to make sure the toy is appropriate for your child
-Avoid toys with small parts for children under age 3 or children who mouth toys
-Look for toys with sturdy parts and tightly secured joints
-Shop at a reputable retailer, one you know and trust
-Inspect the condition of second-hand toys and make sure you have the original packaging and instructions
-Batteries in toys should be firmly attached and not accessible to children
-Listen to toys with noises before purchase to make sure it’s appropriate for your child

Read the Label

-Labels and instructions on packaging can give excellent guidance for safe purchasing decisions

Organize and Supervise

-Follow instructions for toy assembly and use
-Supervise children as they play
-Be a good role model and set an example for safe play
-Keep toys with small parts away from children under three and from children who tend to mouth objects
-Avoid all toys with sharp points or rough edges
-Keep toys in an easily accessible storage bin with a removable lid
-Repair or discard broken toys
-Teach older children to keep their toys away from younger siblings.
-Keep a separate toy chest for older children whose toys may contain small parts not suitable for their younger siblings.

Sign up for CPSC e-mail recall alerts so you can be aware of any unsafe items you may have purchased.