Start Your Own Family Game Night

Start Your Own Family Game Night!

How do we create special family time traditions with school, homework, sports and meetings filling up the calendar?

Our Park Place manager and Toy Expert, Elisa Moriconi, invited one of our game-loving customers to share her  family tradition:  “We often find ourBananagrams word gameselves in The Learning Tree looking at the huge game section because we love to play games! We love games so much that our son Colton created “Family Game Night.”

When Colton was 5 years old, he asked our family to designate one night a week as Family Game Night. On this night, we eat dinner, then turn off all electronics. Colton and Kyra pick out four games that we play during the evening.

Some nights we sprawl out on the living room floor and on other nights we pop popcorn and sit at our big, old kitchen table. We refresh our game selection each year as the kids typically find two to five new games under the Christmas tree that we play throughout the school break.

Now that the kids are older and more active in sports and other school activities, we find that our game night occurs every other week, but we are completely committed to Family Game Night.

You can’t go wrong with games. They are fun, you can learn a lot playing games, and it is a perfect way to spend quality time with each other. I highly recommend that you commit to your own Family Game Night. What better way to sit and laugh with your kids?”

Kristin F. lives in Stilwell, KS with her husband Russell, daughter Kyra, 10, and son Colton, 8.

qwirkleboxWant to start a Family Game Night of your own?

Not sure which games to play? Let us help! We can suggest a game just right for your family. Ask one of our Toy Experts to show you a few games. Then, feel free to play a few rounds in our stores before you choose one to take home!


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Cartoon It! Is Toy Of The Week

Sharpen your memory and your drawing pencil with this week’s Toy Of The Week! You’ll love playing this fun, fast-paced memory game with an artistic twist!

Cartoon It!

You have 30 seconds to memorize a cartoon character with six specific features shown on the Character Card. When time is up, all players draw their cartoon character from memory using hints from the Features Board. The player with the sharpest memory scores the most points to win, and you’ll have hilarious fun comparing your drawings!

Cartoon It! promotes drawing and memory skills and is perfect for the entire family.

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Have A Spot It! Party – It’s Our Toy Of The Week

Experience the ultimate Spot it! session with the expanded party game. It’s 20% Off this week only!

Spot It! Party Game

Accessories inject a new factor of frenzied fun and all new symbols rev up the challenge. Discover never-before-seen ways to play like Dynamite and Double Frenzy.

Spot It Party Game

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for your chance to snatch or pass the Hand Mascot—it can make or break a win!
With 6 mini-games to master, Spot it! Party hooks everyone for hours of fast paced fun.

Ages: 10 to Adult
Players: 2 to 8
Play Time: 30 Minutes

Suspend Is $15.99 This Week

Suspend game by Melissa and DougAs the package says: “Suspend is the teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, unbalanced balance game!” It’s a ton of fun and…

it’s our Learning Tree Toy Of The Week! So, you save 20%!

Like pick-up sticks grown up and twisted, this game will bring forth lots of oohs and aahs and oops and whoops, and some noise as they all fall down.

Enjoy it with kids and adults, and practice to get the “hang” of it!

1-4 players, the more the merrier!

Suspend makes a terrific birthday gift for kids and adults.

Click here for more info or to buy Suspend by Melissa and Doug.

Race To The Treasure is our Toy Of The Week

Race To The Treasure board gameWhat could be more fun than a race between kids and an ogre?

Nothing, except working together to get to the treasure!

Race to the Treasure board game uses cooperation to send players on a quest to gather up three of the keys and beat the ogre to the bag of treasure.

It’s a fun game that every household should take a look at. Recommended for ages 5 and older, you work as a team flipping cards and creating a path to gather up three of the four keys. Once collected, it’s time to make your way to the bag of treasure before flipping over 8 ogre cards. It’s simple, takes less than 5 minutes to learn, and about 20 minutes to play. We found that once you finish a game, it’s so easy and fun to turn around give it another go!

The way the game quickly promotes teamwork is one of it’s biggest assets. You don’t just place pieces randomly on the board, you naturally ask one another and reason out why the path cards should or shouldn’t go in certain places in order to get to the treasure quickest. Instead of competing against one another, you’re playing against the ogre cards, and their random order in the shuffled pile makes the game even more thrilling. You never know what card you’re going to pull next. We also found that leaving the cards in a messy pile to pull from at random added another level of fun and suspense to the game.

The playful graphics add to the visual appeal of the game, as does the completely eco-friendly packaging and game content.

It was an all around fun game to play, quick to set up and easy to learn. We played three games consecutively, and won as a team two out of three times! We didn’t get bored, and kept guessing and working together to beat the ogre to the end of the game.

Review by Learning Tree Toy Experts, Kitt and Elaine

Roll The Dice with YamSlam

Yamslam is a fun family dice game.

Yamslam is a fun family dice game AND it’s The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week

Take a gamble and try YamSlam!

Keep rolling the dice to win! Yamslam is a great family game and is based on poker hands. You  roll the dice and try to get the best combination of numbers and collect the chips before they run out! Whoever has the most chips at the end, wins!

There are chips for 3 of a kind, a flush, large straight, small straight, full house, etc. So Yam Slam is a great learning toy for counting and number combinations.

Easy to learn instructions are included and it comes in a self-contained metal tin, making it a perfect  travel game. The tin makes YamSlam easy to store also.

This fun, educational game is 20% off this week only at The Learning Tree.

Patchwork Game from Knightweaver Games

Kids Love playing Patchwork by Knightweaver Games

Kids Love playing Patchwork by Knightweaver Games

A colorful matching game, Patchwork is the logical game of strategy that challenges kids to match cards to make 4, 5, or 6-of-a-kind.

The Patchwork Game rules are simple: each player draws 6 cards from the pile, keeping the side of the card that was facing up on the deck facing towards the other players. Then the fun begins!

Patchwork players collect sets of 4, 5, or 6 adjacent cards of the same color and pattern. Sounds easy, BUT in the Patchwork Game, players cards are not always their own because opponents can flip, swap and trade cards with one another when they see something the other player doesn’t!

When a player collects a set of cards, that player must show the other players, set them aside, and draw more cards. The player who collects the most cards is the Patchwork winner. Not an easy feat, for sure!

Patchwork takes about 15 minutes to play and is for 2 to 5 players, ages 5 and up, making this a great, interactive family game.

The Patchwork Game from Knightweaver Games includes:

  • 5 wooden card holders
  • 90 2-sided cards
  • 1 rules sheet
  • A player reference

Patchwork is The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week this week AND it’s 20% off for this week only! Limit 3 at the sale price.